Media & Copy Writing

At B.Spirit, we build an effective communication solution for Customers that we call B.I.C.S (B.Spirit Integrated Communication Strategy). By integrating the essence of traditional media arts with the advantages of modern media in accordance with trend 4.0, we promote the marketing and brand communication elements on the artificial intelligence platform. Therefore, we help our customers create communication strategies and campaigns in the spirit of the globalization, catch up with the world's fast-growing trend, but still not forget the value and form of traditional communication.

The key to a successful communication strategy or an effective communication campaign with lesser scale lies in the ability to coordinate elements of the brand communication ecosystem, including the means of traditional communication and digital communication, in order to achieve the balance and multimedia access to potential customers. The development of science and technology opens up many expectations for the unlimited increase of new communication methods and their profound impact on the transmission of meaningfulness, but parallel to a great challenge for businesses on the journey to build and spread brand value.

Beginning with a thorough, in-depth research process on branding and the factors promoting brand communication, we will propose a communication strategy for each campaign, using a combination of communication methods in the budget balance suitable for businesses.