Booking Media helps businesses optimize their PR activities in a professional and consistent manner thanks to appropriate, fast and effective category booking that help businesses increase the number of visitors, improve the coverage of the brand, resonate the power from the media to convey the message to the right target customers.

Booking Media plays an important role in brand marketing strategies because of the effects:

  • Help convey the core message to the target customer in a consistent and professional manner through a third party tool – newspaper, television
  • Building credibility and reputation in relationships with the media
  • Easily achieve communication goals by resonating the power of a third party
  • Leading media trends
  • Appears on the Digital Media synchronously and effectively.

Types of advertising on media:

  • Print journal booking:Spirit maintains good relationships with journalists, news agencies, and reporters. We are ready to use that relationship to help businesses own news sites, newspaper advertising sites with the most appropriate positions that increase brand image and enhance corporate reputation.
  • Electronic newspaper booking: With the advantage of being a leading agency in brand, we help businesses connect with reputable electronic newspaper sites in Vietnam, suggest optimal options that suitable for the target of company
  • TV Booking:Spirit is a big partner of reputable channels. We advise businesses on the time frame and criteria to help them determine the appropriate TV channels, and work with TV partners to have the best viewing position.